As the primary distributor for Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd., we supply virtually every type of clutch and brake to nearly every kind of industry. Our products are used in everything from motor vehicles to office automation equipment, industrial machines, rail cars, and even shipping vessels.
Magnetic Clutches for Automotive Air Conditioners
[Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.]

We are the primary distributor for Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd., acknowledged leaders in the clutch industry. Top Japanese automotive air conditioner manufacturers, overseas motor vehicle manufacturers, and end users around the globe, trust and rely on Ogura Clutch products.
Superchargers [Ogura Clutch Co., Ltd.]
Superchargers are used to maximize the air flowing into the engine for increased power and performance. We distribute the roots blower supercharger developed by Ogura Clutch. With its unique rotor design that efficiently supercharges the air according to the rotation speed, it has found customers in the rail and shipping industries in regions all over the world.